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Delivering technological advantages that help redefine the battlespace

See what makes Viasat a leader in the new defense industrial base

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Enabling safer, more successful tactical and strategic missions

We work outside the traditional contractor model to deliver secure defense communications across the globe 

Viasat is a private sector partner and national asset to the U.S. Department of 国防 and coalition military forces. Viasat invests heavily in Independent Research & 发展, enabling us to rapidly develop and deploy the security, 连接, and defense communications warfighters need to help address current and emerging threats — with the goal of bringing our servicemen and women home safely.

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Our culture is our competitive advantage

Viasat understands our customers and empowers our employees to accelerate the delivery of turnkey warfighter capabilities

We combine a strong defense heritage with our commercial business practices to create a company unlike any other. We surround our veterans (over 23% of our US workforce), 工程师, 技术人员, and support staff with a culture of innovation, 创业, agile defense technology development, and non-traditional business models to empower them to push the limits of innovation.

Uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end operational capabilities

Our integrated defense satellite communications, tactical networking and cybersecurity solutions provide a uniquely holistic approach that delivers inherent performance advantages. We offer a range of multi-band, flexible 卫星通信终端 and electronic warfare (EW)-resistant networks that will help you achieve resilient, end-to-end communications across your domain and missions.

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MV-22 landing on an aircraft at sea

Viasat’s resilient network and mobile 卫星通信 systems connect those in the air, 在陆地上, and at sea with real-time information necessary for making critical, 瞬间的决定.

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Viasat’s 30 + years of cybersecurity and data protection solutions include Type 1 end-to-end encryption and managed services to help safeguard proprietary and classified information.

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Integrated tactical networking

Optimize the battlespace for tactical communications at the edge with cutting-edge, 垂直整合, end-to-end solutions that deliver inherent competitive advantages.


Viasat has a diverse history of deploying and managing private and public Wi-Fi networks to connect individuals, 社区, and organizations across the globe. 


Looking for an innovative solution? 跟我们谈谈 about your needs.

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